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The power of number is growing: are they the right ones?

Politics depends more and more on global indicators. Which data are really important, though? This is the paradox of the future: do-it-yourself statistics for global comparisons. After insects, penguins and cloistered monks, the next big-screen stars could be numbers: the dry, dull data of world statistics presented in such an interesting and dynamic way that even the masses will be entertained.

Monducci: Statistics? It Depends How You Read Them

Public opinion is often bombarded with plenty of statistics about “national systems” that say everything – and the opposite of everything. How do you find your way around in this bedlam? And how is the Italy System positioned in a European context? east talked to Roberto Monducci, the central Director of ISTAT. Who explains why an indicator of competitive synthesis does not exist. And that indicators over recent years, in any case, have been anything but comforting…




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