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“But there are still many economic, social and cultural rigidities”

Linda Laura Sabbadini, ISTAT’s Central Director, has followed the whole process of gender policies and attempts to quantify women’s progress in statistical terms. “The great turnaround”, she says, “began in Beijing in 1995. That was the conference that determined the two watchwords that would dominate policies associated with this issue in subsequent years: mainstreaming and empowerment”.

Motor Industry: driving east?

It’s not only Fiat that’s turning toward the East, choosing Poland to produce that global symbol of Italian motoring, the new Fiat 500.

Deaglio: we are astride the tiger

he hierarchies of the economy are changing rapidly. Having envisaged a “soft” globalization led by the United States, we find ourselves faced with various groupings of the continental kind.


The Americans have built an anti-intruder wall equipped with the best technology on the market on the border along the Rio Grande to face up to illegal immigration from Mexico.

Dossier. The frontier of rights.


Multinationals get EWC to represent them

n idea of the European Union, EWCs – European Works Councils –are an innovation that may well upset traditional forms of representation and the established routine of industrial relations.

New Europe economic dossier

Ukraine towards deep changes.

Save the Children: interview with President Neri

Planning, marketing and customised communications strategies for NGOs to increase fund raising and guarantee transparency. The International Accountability Charter meets the demands of donors for better tracking of donated funds.



Womenomics, the economy female-style

Researchers are in agreement: unless women contribute more to wealth production the world’s economic growth will be insufficient. Another thing: in countries where women are more active in the workforce the problems of population are also being solved.


A Global Space for A Global Challenge: A Tale of Two Worlds

Taiwan 2024 Presidential Elections

The Climate Change Refugees of the Pacific

Slovakia: 2023 Prime Minister’s Elections

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