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The brain drain: how to reverse the trend

According to the World Bank, a brain drain from poorer to richer areas of the world has involved over one hundred thousand students over the last ten years, and thirty-seven thousand in Europe alone.

Who’s afraid of sovereign funds?

Morgan Stanley estimates that sovereign funds in emerging countries have a fortune of US$ 2,500 billion, or about half of the world’s official reserves, to spend.

That’s Incredible

No-Fat Indian Airlines: It’s a well-known fact that airlines apply strict standards when they hire stewards and stewardesses.

Household Inc. keeps the crisis at bay

It is estimated that the financial resources of Central and Eastern European households amounted to 718 billion euros in 2007, shored up by strong economic growth and improved working conditions.


The turbulence that has shaken the international banking and financial system since August 2007 has forcibly called to mind questions which have been debated in economic history and theory for centuries: Are financial crises inevitable? Are they impossible to predict? Are they manageable?

The world is in need of global governance

At a stage in history in which the political mechanisms of democracy principally continue to function on the national level, how can the global trends of the environment, commerce, finance, etc. be managed?

The frontier of rights.

In Afghanistan, 2007 ended with an monumental event: Afghan women publicly demanded peace and an end to the war and the bloody violence that have plagued the country for 30 years.

Marangoni: I’ll give you tyres

He became an entrepreneur by picking up butt ends of cigarettes to produce snuff and new cigarettes.  Mario Marangoni next began to rethread tyres and became the acknowledged leader in Italy.

Free Numbers

Common Law Baby: 50.5%of all French babies are born out of wedlock: up from 48% in 2006, according to Insee, the French statistics institute. 15% of Italian babies are born out of wedlock.

Recognising the other to build a common identity

Identity-related issues inevitably reveal tension that is not only scientific but also has political implications, for identities can be built by looking at the past as well as the future.


A Global Space for A Global Challenge: A Tale of Two Worlds

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The Climate Change Refugees of the Pacific

Slovakia: 2023 Prime Minister’s Elections

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