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That’s Incredible

In no other place in the world is there as much hitchhiking as in Cuba. Rather: where one is obliged to resort to hitchhiking.

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The third edition of the Venice Forum promoted byeastmagazine,the UniCredit Group,Venice City Hall and the Fondazione Venezia 2000 took place on 12 and 13 June.


The so-called “five-day war” between Russia and Georgia of last August is not necessarily the prologue of a new Cold War. Rather, it may mark the beginning of a phase in which Western democracies gain a more realistic insight into Russian politics and the ways to cohabit with the country of Vladimir Putin and Dmitrij Medvedev.

The frontier of rights.

As the Olympic Games were taking place in China and hopes for the beginning of a new dawn of human rights were being dashed, Russian and Georgian armies were perpetrating atrocities against the civilian population of South Ossetia. And in Iran, where execution by stoning seems on its way to becoming a thing of the past, such is not the case with mass executions.

Mihaileanu: our children need the cinema

“Living in exile helped me to find my roots and understand who I am. The suffering of exile was an opportunity: it taught me to become more human and understand diversity.

Free Numbers

More than 600,000 laptops are forgotten in 106 major U.S. airports each year. Los Angeles International Airport tops the list with 1,200 laptop losses per week.

Pedrollo: God bless those Chinese copycats

The world leader in electric pumps, San Bonifacio based Pedrollo is obliged to do daily battle against the Chinese both in the law courts and in the marketplace. Are the prices too low?




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