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That’s Incredible

When things were brighter for Alitalia, a pilot in our flagship company happened to have a “close encounter of the third kind”. This is not the usual rubbish about UFOs, because it was revealed by none other than the British Defence Minister himself.

Dossier. After the Tsunami

If we do not give in to the temptation of “thinking badly, convinced we are getting it right”, to paraphrase former Italian prime minister Giulio Andreotti, we can reasonably affirm that the control of finance slipped out of the hands of American official authorities and private-sector managers.


In the 1930s, the American middle class faced up to the Great Depression with the dogged spirit of a maintenance man trying to fix the faults and correct the defects of a malfunctioning machine.

In Somalia there are even land-based pirates

Two years ago the “new corsairs” were almost a marginal phenomenon compared to the devastating civil war that raged throughout Somalia. A dozen attacks a year which, however, doubled in 2007.

Free Numbers

According to a recent specialised study there would be 3.3billion mobile phone users across the world. A huge number undoubtedly, but still very reluctant to rely on this tool to perform banking transactions or online purchase.




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