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If even the renowned German philosopher and sociologist Jürgen Habermassays that his country is “a giant focused only on itself,” the time has probably come to ask the mother of all questions, at least from the European perspective.

By the numbers

Marijuana costs vary immensely by nation,as one website found out.

Weather Report: Hot and Hotter

Though environmentalist infighting may have damaged the fight against global warming, it is hard to argue with concrete evidence that world temperatures will rise two degrees Celsius, if not four. With legislation lagging, the only way to counter the menace may be to adopt a policy of ‘adaptation,’ which in essence means accepting the inevitable but working on proposals to limit both the damage done and rein in the peril that lies ahead. National will, additional research and cash are fundamental to the cause.

Reccomended reading

Building communism without alcohol is like building capitalism without advertising.” The comment, which appears on the back cover of Ernu’s book, says it all

Drink and Scoop

It’s a stale cliché, I know, but journalism and drinking have long been joined at the hip, and the bromide holds true both for editors parked comfortably behind newspaper office desks and gumshoe reporters roaming the world covering wars and uprisings.

CMS Group: Beating the Crisis And Moving into China

Founded in 1975, the Italian CMS Group focuses on mechanical engineering and making machine parts. It also produces a compactor used by McDonald’s. After struggling through the economic downturn, the group has come roaring back. It will soon open a plant near Shanghai, serving China and most of Asia, and is studying the prospect of entering the Brazilian market. It hasalso earned praise for its attention to social responsibility, opening a day-care center.


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