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Yet again, France is at the centre of European history, once more the arbiter of the fate of the integration process. In a few weeks, almost sixty million French will pronounce judgement on the ratification of the Constitution. The alternatives are clear: yes or no, in or out.

Botta: the Balkans are a Market with a Great Potential

Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro constitute an economic area of 55 million people where – economist Franco Botta explains in this interview – about 20,000 Italian companies are already operating. But for the area to be able to put its potential to work, investments are needed. And initially this investments needs to be in infrastructure.

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MORE MASCARA, WE’RE CHINESEIs vanity a man’s thing? There is no doubt that in the Far East vanity is becoming the eighth capital sin. The Far East seems to have become the Far West of male beauty products: new perfumes, treatments and massages are invading the market, encouraging oriental customers to follow in the footsteps of the “metrosexuals” (read, men who are obsessed with grooming their bodies and their look but not gay).

My Gipsy Trumpets for a World without Borders

Goran Bregovic, born of a Serb mother and a Croatian father and with a Muslim wife, was already a rockstar when Tito was in power. Today he is a world-renowned composer who, out of sound realism, does not have any illusions about the thaumaturgical power of music. But he does believe in the possibility of changing the world little by little – for the best.

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CHERCHEZ LA ROCKSTAR2,700,000 dollars: the total amount paid by Russian millionaire Telman Ismailov to Ricky Martin, Mariah Carey (850,000 dollars each) and Robbie Williams (1,000,000 dollars) for a private performance at his super luxury restaurant in Moscow.

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The death of Pope John Paul II has been given a lot of attention on the media worldwide.In these pages we offer you a choice of articles taken from the main Italian and foreign newspapers.




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