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“It doesn’t matter if a cat is black or white,” China’s Deng Xiaping was fond of remarking, “so long as it catches mice.” This was Deng’s way of describing the oxymoronic prospect of a socialist market economy, which seemed like a pipe dream in his early days. In 1989, Deng was president of the Communist Party’s military commission. The country was a vast peasant country. No one was rich. There were no capitalists.

That’s Incredible

Gay Hurdles. Though homosexuality was decriminalized in Russia two decades ago, anti-gay legislation is making a rapid comeback, with St Petersburg becoming the latest city to ban “homosexual propaganda.

In Numbers


Eastern Shore

Eastern Europe witnessed a particularly harsh winter.Social tension deepened as a result of the ongoing economic and financial crisis. Government responses were often inept.


A Global Space for A Global Challenge: A Tale of Two Worlds

Taiwan 2024 Presidential Elections

The Climate Change Refugees of the Pacific

Slovakia: 2023 Prime Minister’s Elections

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