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Editorial – The Mosquito Democracy

A vast floating waste island that’s so immense it seems like a continent unto itself. The subversive idea emerges from the mind of French playwright Daniel Pennac. in an otherwise pristine ocean, he portrays a continental “raft” piled high with plastic bags, bubble-wrap, broken phones, old computer parts, used clothes, dirty toothbrushes, and an assortment of cables. Pennac conjures up this drifting mountain of floating garbage to offset the illusion of cleanliness and order of the inhabited world.

iCloud Storm Up Ahead

As the online world begins taking in billions of advertising dollars, the attention of users has turned to security issues. Increasingly, web users rightly worry about the fate of personal information they thought was and would remain private.

Cash in the Waste

The planet produces an estimated four billion tons of refuse annually, some of it highly toxic. Though efforts are underway to catalogue the trash, rein the movement of it most hazardous ingredients, and even use it to produce energy, the waste disposal industry remains something of a Wild West.

That’s Incredible

RUBRICA Japanese Lovers Slender, gentle, refined, but also politely enterprising: If a Japanese woman fits the description…


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