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When reading the comments made immediately after the deadly blow delivered by the French and the Dutch to the project of a constitutional treaty, the issue concerning the relationship between European institutions and citizens emerges as one of the very few elements of certainty and large consensus. I realize that this statement concerning the referendum does not hold much ground; but in a case like this, looking at things more closely can be useful.

Assistance is coming to marketing from anthropology

The distribution of local economies in the global markets brings out ethnocentric trends. And we realize that cultural elements also play a key role in the production system. Therefore marketing turns to anthropology for assistance in understanding markets, developing and modifying instruments and techniques of analysis. and we realize that also small players…

Copyright & Copyleft Fighting it out on Internet

Is “Copyright” dying? Is a new age of “Copyleft” beginning? And if this is the future, what is in store for intellectual property and the economic equilibrium of millions of companies? A journey through the new rules of the Net. The Wu Ming, between experiences of their own and of others, appear to have a lot to say on the topic… Is the future of books’ pubblishing destined to change?

The great reform? More courage and speed

Are we really on the verge of a profound transformation of the UN? Very little is known in Europe and Italy about the scope of the reform proposals presented by Kofi Annan. It has been turned into a petty power play for an extra seat on the Security Council. Indeed, even the epochal problem of poverty…

The UN? It would be best to reform it like this

The plan to reform the Security Council under discussion seems very unlikely to change the current system. A serious reform should instead be based on reality and on the principles that inspired the Charter. The reality is a world constantly dealing with conflicts, aggression and the potential flashpoints of international crises.

Taking up the challenge

Has the bank of international justice failed? In the past, the weak demonstrated an ability to stop the operation of the powerful by means of a massive appeal to universal values. Excellent examples of this are Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. But the poor cannot expect the rich to initiate the fight for justice. And if the world democracies of the poor world make their voices heard …

When Non Profits sell their souls to the Devil

With 40,000 associations, 10 million organisations and 19 million employees, the Non Profit is the eighth world economy. Before Spain, Russia and Canada. But a consistent part of this world has lost its autonomy and is yielding to the logics of the dominant powers.

Rhi-Sausi: when poverty becomes entertainment

Some of them are truly committed, others just pretend, but, in any case, it is important to talk about it. Blair and Chirac, Bono and Schumacher, governments and spokespersons under the professional lens of the director of CeSPI.

Free numbers

WORKERS3: The number of additional weeks worked per year in the countries of the new Europe, compared to the nations of the West.The hardest working: 43.3 hours per week for Latvians, 43.1 for the English, 41.8 for Romanians, 41.5 for Poles, 41.3 for Slovenians, 41 for the Greeks.


A Global Space for A Global Challenge: A Tale of Two Worlds

Taiwan 2024 Presidential Elections

The Climate Change Refugees of the Pacific

Slovakia: 2023 Prime Minister’s Elections

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