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SINGLE, HAPPY AND …LOSINGBridget Jones has almond shaped eyes. The golden age in the West has passed (which prefers Desperate housewives since the television serial), “single-tude” is moving east and creating new proselytes along with a billion dollar niche market.

Terzani: the man, the journalist, the philosophical writer

Curious, affable, but not very easy-going… Vigorous and exuberant, he called himself a barn-burner. A man with two images: the one romantic, choreographic and vigorous and the other sober, silent, and reserved. A portrait of an itinerant Florentine, indomitable traveller, of a journalist-writer who had certainly left a deep mark on the memory of his time.

They wrote

After the French and Dutch “No” to the European Constitution, there’s been a long debate on the reasons which determined this choice.We propose in these pages a selection of articles from “The Guardian”, “The New York Times” and “Le Monde”.




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The Climate Change Refugees of the Pacific

Slovakia: 2023 Prime Minister’s Elections

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