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FINANCIAL TRENDS – Oil prices: winners and losers

With oil prices dropping there are clear winners and losers, but the financial markets are in turmoil.

The Tsarina, the Empress and the Popess

Two women who’ve governed half the world, and one who (briefly) dominated it all.

FOOD & CULTURE European gourmets up in arms

European foodies fear lower safety and quality standards, while Americans could get their teeth into new delicacies.

South-south trade denting northern markets

These emerging nations are cutting themselves a bigger slice of the pie.

Trade globetrotters

If the soul of globalisation is digital, the body is the giant containers, the “metal boxes” invented in the Thirties and introduced in the Fifties on the huge and efficient container ships that have turned international trade on its head by accelerating the industrialisation process in economies that were once marginal, such as the Chinese…

Aladin, from Sana’a to Rome

Fleeing from Yemen, to Rome. Now his art is all over Italian cities.

Riding the digital economy

The answer to the crisis is Cubeyou. An all-Italian company.

How start-ups start

Five students in a studio apartment with no air conditioning invent Enplug, a top five start-up in 2013.

The Web as oracle

Immigration, terrorism and Islamophobia: what’s in store in 2015?

IS makes big money

The sharp decline in oil prices at the end of 2014 has once again brought to light the political implications of economic choices that affect commodities, as is the case with OPEC decisions.


A Global Space for A Global Challenge: A Tale of Two Worlds

Taiwan 2024 Presidential Elections

The Climate Change Refugees of the Pacific

Slovakia: 2023 Prime Minister’s Elections

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