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There certainly is no doubt that the European Union is currently in the throes of the biggest institutional crisis it has seen for some time. The refusal by the French and the Dutch to accept the European constitution draft, the failed EU summit in June and the fierce debate on the EU budget – all these factors clearly indicate that this isindeed the case. Is the latest political turmoil likely to influence the process of cross-border company mergers, and will it prevent the formation of strong “Europeanplayers”?



CELLULAR PHONES FOR THE HEREAFTER. The dearly departed are becoming dearer. With new consumer scenarios and the prolific multiplication of gadgets, the market for the afterlife is growing by leaps and bounds, and this year was worth three and a half billion euros.

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AVIAN FLU 130 cases of avian flu found in humans as of November 20, 2005. Specifically, 2 in China (1 death) 4 in Cambodia (4 deaths) 21 in Thailand (13 deaths)92 in Vietnam (42 deaths) 11 in Indonesia (7 deaths)


WARMING EFFECTI appreciated the balanced and calm tones used by Donato Speroni in his treatment of the issue of global warming and its impacts, hurricanes included. Whendealing with this type of subject it’s easy to get carried away by emotions and go off the track. However, there is one point that doesn’t directly concern environmentalpolicies, but rather politics.


A Global Space for A Global Challenge: A Tale of Two Worlds

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