European Union

EU-Turkey energy transition cooperation

An ongoing triple-planetary crisis resulting in an awareness about the need to decarbonize as soon as possible and a need for energy security. What is the role of the EU?

Turkey and the EU: Dialogue to Ensure Energy Security

Energy and decarbonization: a space for cooperation and dialogue between the European Union and Turkey

A meaningful Conference on the Future of Europe

Straddling the generations of today and those of tomorrow: a student of EWEI’s Model EU dreams of the next Conference on the Future of Europe

Can the EU go beyond the economy?

A group of students examines the critical points of the EU decision-making process in the post-Covid recovery and counts on a fairer and more sustainable future


A Global Space for A Global Challenge: A Tale of Two Worlds

Taiwan 2024 Presidential Elections

The Climate Change Refugees of the Pacific

Slovakia: 2023 Prime Minister’s Elections

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