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The territorial expansion of Russia: after Crimea, the Arctic

While annexing Crimea without firing a shot, Russia began to sign another conquest at very different latitudes. The UN commission on limits of the continental shelf has recognized the right on an area of 52,000 square kilometers in the sea of Okhotsk, off the coast of Kamchatka.

Nadezhda Savchenko, why this is her hardest fight

There were no news about lieutenant Nadezhda Savchenko since she was captured by separatist in east Ukraine and imprisoned in Lugansk, until she was taken to court in Voronezh, Russia. She is charged of murder and illegal immigration. According to the Ukrainians she was kidnapped by FSB, while Russians claim she illegally crossed the border fleeing from Ukraine. Still a major indication of Moscow involvement in Donbass civil war.

Putin, Medvedchuk and the remote control on Ukraine

At the time of one of his last visits in Ukraine, in 2013, Vladimir Putin dismissed in the space of a couple of hours then President Viktor Yanukovych and ran to Crimea to spend evening with the father of her goddaughter.

Onur Yürüyüşü, Istanbul’s Gay Pride Parade

The Onur Yürüyüşü, Istanbul’s annual march in favor of homosexual and transgender rights, this year celebrates its 11th anniversary.

Navalny: how to auto destroy an opposition

Alexey Navalny faces a new bizarre charge by Moscow court. Fsb searched the house of the prominent Russian political opposition leader, who was already under house arrest, founding a strange piece of swag.

Russia at the Third gas war

When it comes prices, Alexey Miller is second to none. Last year, for example, he wanted to buy a tablet that wouldn’t cost more than $ 3.7 million. The head of Gazprom is certainly used to count dollars in millions, and it’s not hard to see why since it is head of a colossus of 153 billion dollars in revenue in 2012. So, when we talk about the price of gas for Ukraine, we have to be careful.

Greens in Sweden and Eurosceptics in Denmark threaten incumbent governments

The two shores of the of Øresund Strait have never been so far apart: the results of the European elections have left in common between Sweden and Denmark only the disappointment of respective government parties, Fredrik Reinfeldt’s Moderates (center-right) in Sweden and Helle Thorning-Schmidt’s Social Democrats in Denmark.

Lukashenko, the rebel dictator

When Alexander Lukashenko, the ever since President of Belarus, went out of the room where Petro Poroshenko swearing-in ceremony was held, told Ukrainian journalists “Go to Crimea, negotiate and try to take it back”.

What is the truth of the Lugansk massacre?

While Italy was celebrating the anniversary of the republic, dozens of civilians were killed in broad daylight in the central square of Lugansk, Ukraine. Who shot the fire? The net is being waged with explanations of plots and conspiracy, and the fighitng parties have accused each other of the massacre. We try to do a reconstruction, using videos uploaded on the network, satellite images, and geolocated photos.

Novorossija: ladies and gentlemen a brand spanking new nation-state

They call it the New Russia, but his idea goes back to the time of the czars, when Ukraine was called “Little Russia” and a large part of its territory belonged to Moscow. Novorossija was founded on May 23 at a hotel in Donetsk – proclaimed its capital – with the aim of creating a traditionalist and orthodox state, and one day reunite with the great Mother Russia.


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