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Turkey: after Gezi Park a perpetual mourning

After the recent tragedy at the Soma mine – where over three hundred people died – Turkish police opened fire on activists in the district of Okmeydani in Istanbul. During the clashes, two people lost their lives in less than 24 hours. Istanbul police launched an operation this morning in the Okmeydani neighborhood, a district where the hostility between security forces and Alevi and left-wing factions is growing up after Berkin Elvan’s death.

And now, Tatars of Crimea want their independence too

The 18 of May Tatars in Crimea commemorated 70 years since their people were deported to Central Asia by Josef Stalin, but the self-proclaimed authorities of the peninsula didn’t welcome the commemoration. Crimean Tatar leader, Mustafa Dzhemilev, is banned by de facto authorities from entering Crimea, while the community calls for its self-determination and territorial autonomy.

The “Kalevala” in the European Community of romantic myths

The lack of cohesion in Europe is a current issue, but strong ties are not lacking in the history of national states away from each other, as pointed out in April by a series of conferences held in Rome about the “Kalevala”, which inspired movements for Finnish independence, becoming – from fascinating treasure chest of popular traditions – a symbolic history of the eastern lands of Finland.

The Conchita Wurst case and the Russia’s fear of EuroSodoma

The Eurovision song contest, long before the Italian TV decided to broadcast it, has been a top of the year happening in the past two decades for all the Eastern and former USSR countries. No surprise of the strong reactions by the most conservative ones as the winner of this year competition is a bearded transgender. They show two different ways of understanding freedom and democracy; and this involves the future of Ukraine, too.

The most dangerous day for Ukraine

The dead toll of May 2 clashes in Odessa is still counting as Ukraine is entering its most dangerous days since its independence. The anti-terror operation is on the verge in eastern regions of the country, while separatists have announced a Crimean-styled independence referendum on May 11.

The Academy of Denmark goes green

Today, the Danish Academy (built in 1967 by Danish architect Kay Fischer) is a typical example of Scandinavian modernism in Rome: renovation work will transform it into an example of ecological architecture, without taking away its appearance.

Why Slovyansk?

Slovyansk has become the pivot of the Ukrainian crisis, occupying the front pages of international newspapers and the headlines of the news channels all over the world. Only a few of us had heard its name before, and probably nobody would have bet a cent on its role in the eastern separatist movement, looking more to towns like Donetsk and Lughansk. Good to know, the biggest weapons stockpile of all Eastern Europe is hidden in the city’s underground.

The little green men are back

The U.S. State Department has released a dozen of pictures of gunmen in eastern Ukraine wearing uniforms similar to Russian soldiers and brandishing Russian weapons.

Is the Eurasian Union becoming a mirage?

The Eurasian Union makes today a step forward, as the prime ministers of Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan – the funding members of the Custom Union – are meeting in Moscow to discuss an agreement for the establishment of the Eurasian Economic Union, a second stage towards a broader political union. But Ukraine is still the missing tile.

Doku Umarov is alive. No, he is dead instead

Rumors about the killing of Chechen’s terrorist group leader Doku Umarov have been spreading since last summer, but only today Russian authorities confirmed his death. The “Caucasian Osama bin Laden” has been Kremlin’s number one enemy  for years and now that he is dead an empty seat is available in the “Islamic Caucasus Emirate”.


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