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An exit strategy for Euromaidan

The resignation of Ukrainian Prime Minister Mykola Azarov comes, after two months of unrest in the country, at the start of an emergency session of parliament. Azarov declared he was quitting because of the threat to the economy caused by more than 60 days of unrest.

Education and Culture will be decisive in the next elections in Sweden

It is not a coincidence that this year Umeå is the European Capital of Culture: always a creative city, the town (650 kilometers away to the north of Stockholm and 400 to the south of the Arctic) has experienced a demographic expansion that is unmatched in Europe – from forty thousand to nearly one hundred and twenty thousand inhabitants, thirty-six of them enrolled at the university – as a result of the institution of the University which took place in the sixties.


EuroMaidan is on fire. Violence is spreading in the center of Kiev from both the sides of the protest, the square of the rallies become a battlefield at night, a picture shows protesters beating a policeman, a video shows police beating a protester on the ground.

One billion obese

It seems a paradox, but sadly it’s the truth: in developing countries, where still one person out of eight doesn’t have enough food for its basic needings, in the last 25 years the rate of obesity and overweught people has grown exponentially.

Ukraine über Alles

The New year begins in Ukraine with some 15 thousands of people marching through the streets of Kyiv. Though they brandish the blue flags of an opposition party and ultimately protest against the government and their president Viktor Yanukvich, their march passes far from the squares of Euromaidan.

The Olympic torch puts Caucasus on fire

Yesterday’s (29th December) suicide bombing at the train station and today’s explosion on a trolleybus in Volgograd, which together killed more than 20 people, are only the most recent terroristic acts hitting a Russian target during the countdown for the forthcoming Sochi Winter Games, which are scheduled to open on February 7. But they will not probably be the last until the beginning of the Olympics.


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