Riding the russian rollercoaster

At the Eurasian Forum, everybody against sanctions to Russia

Alexey Meshkov, the deputy of the Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, told the III Eurasian Forum in Verona a joke that did not make anyone laugh. It was more or less like this: there are two cowboys, John and Bill, watching a herd of cows grazing. John says to Bill, “If you eat a poop, I’ll give you a dollar.” Bill agrees. They ride again and Bill says to John…

Cold War – Part Two: Top 5 reasons why it might soon make sense to talk about it

Obama has compared Russia to Ebola and the Isis as global challenges, while Kerry has asked NATO countries to increase the military budget to face the threat coming from East. The Iron Curtain has fallen and is not likely to rise again, but the words used would suggest it eventually could.

Cold war part 1 – Top 5 reasons why it makes no sense to talk about it

The Snowden affaire, the war in Ukraine, Western sanctions and Russian counter-sanctions, the expulsion from the G8 and the threat to close the Russian airspace to civilian flights Europeans and Americans. Yet there is nothing more wrong than to bring in the Cold War.

From VkontaktetoTelegram, theKremlin-proof web

Pavel Durov has seen cyber-attacks. He is someone who knows. But when, a few days ago, he witnessed an assault of 150 Gigabyte per second did not believe his eyes. “Never seen such a massive DDoS attack like we’re having today at Telegram. And I’ve seen some nasty ones in my days at Vkontakte”.

All Putin’s mistakes in Ukraine

From the annexation of Crimea to the frozen conflict in Donbass, Russia seems to have gained a lot from the Ukraine crisis. Let’s see where the aggressive policy of Putin did not get the desired results.

Six Reasons why war in Ukraine is better than the truce

It is almost three weeks that there is a ceasefire in the Donbass, but shelling on the cities continues and people still die. Mass media seem to look away more than ever, while the political parties are vociferous about a non-existent peace. In the meanwhile, the inhabitants of the cities under control of separatist are waiting to know their fate in an exhausting uncertain mood.

“I stand for Putin”, everybody wild about the Tsar1

From singer Al Bano to philosopher Diego Fusaro, not to mention the former dissident Nicolai Lilin, more and more Italian celebrities are affected by the charm of Vldadimir Vladimirovich Putin. But among those who want to feather their own nest and those who want more celebrity, the reasons are often specious. That is why.

The weakness of Putin in Ukraine

“If I want to, I can take Kiev in two weeks.” These words pronounced by Putin to European Commission President Barroso and reported during last Saturday’s summit made blood run cold in the EU members veins.

There is war in Ukraine, the International Red Cross say

While in Kiev the parade for Independence Day strolled along the Khreshatik, separatists in Donetsk made POWs parade between their bayonets and an angry mob. In the same time, the International Committee of the Red Cross leaked the decision to formally upgrade the Ukrainian crisis to “international conflict”. This opens the way to the Hague tribunal.

Chronicles of the siege of Donetsk: who fires on the city?

The war in the east of Ukraine is perhaps at its end. Separatists of Novorossija are losing ground every day, while the regular army embrace around the city of Donetsk tightens more and more. Heavy shelling hits the city, killing those who could not escape, and once again, the warring parties are blaming each other. However, who fires on Donetsk?


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