China’s New Law on Foreign Relations Sends a Strong Message

What is the new Chinese law on Foreign Relations? Whats does it signify and what are the possibile consequences in the international system?

Libya: China’s Economic Diplomacy

While the outcome of the conflict remains uncertain, China maintains its strategic neutrality and moves Libya closer to its economic orbit. Beijing’s agenda remains primarily economic and related to the BRI projects development.

Chinese engagement in Africa and the human rights’ issue

The Chinese attitude toward human rights and the high number of autocratic regimes in Africa have led to rising concerns about the effect that China is having on the respect of human rights on the continent.

The Chinese Dream: Is It Still Alive?

The pandemic and the Zero Covid policy have exacerbated issues that had already emerged. Xi Jinping is facing the first internal protests since Tiananmen. The social contract between the CCP and the citizens needs rethinking.

China: What Really Emerged from the XX Congress

In the end, what really emerged from the PCC XX Congress is that we are in the Xi Jinping’s era  

The US and China on the path to economic decoupling

The process is not irreversible and it won’t be quick, but it might lead to a very different world: more divided, more politically unstable and more expensive

Beijing’s economic diplomacy: the Belt and Road Initiative

The project is an emblematic example of the new assertive and confident approach developed by China in the last decade and represents its contemporary economic and geopolitical ambitions

What Kenya tells us about the influence of Chinese media in Africa

Chinese companies and investments are becoming increasingly relevant in Africa’s media sector. This trend is consistent with Beijing’s broader strategy for enhancing its soft power in the African continent

Guangzhou: the developing model of the emerging countries’ global cities

The growing relationship between China and the developing world is creating a parallel globalisation animated by those countries that are not included in the western-led one

It’s time to talk: Xi Jinping invites European leaders in China

China has officially sent invitations to prominent European leaders. The South China Morning Post confirms the source and recalls; however, that invitations still have to be accepted by them, making the following even more intriguing and appealing


A Global Space for A Global Challenge: A Tale of Two Worlds

Taiwan 2024 Presidential Elections

The Climate Change Refugees of the Pacific

Slovakia: 2023 Prime Minister’s Elections

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