Ireland and Ulster: Sinn Féin wins twice

On June 6th, Standard & Poor's has returned the "A-" to Ireland, too late for Labour, halved to 5.3 per cent by the European elections of May 25th 2014: this is a problem also for the government, whose largest party, Fine Gael led by Prime Minister Enda Kenny, has remained at the first place with twenty-two per cent  of the vote (22.3) and has got four seats in the EU Parliament, but was reached again by Fianna Fáil (22.3) which however, because of the situations in the constituencies, has only had one candidate elected.

The independent candidates have achieved twenty per cent of the votes cast (19.8) catching three seats in Strasbourg, but the big score (19.5 per cent of the vote), thanks to the discontent towards financial consolidation measures, went to Sinn Féin (a left nationalist party aligned with the GUE-NGL, the radical left in the EU parliament) which increased from zero to three its seats with regard to the representatives  of the Republic in Europe. The Green Party recovers (4.9) after the collapse of three years ago (caused by the alliance with Fianna Fáil). The extreme left  did well (Socialist Party and People Before Profit, that in the European elections  got 1.8 and 1.5 per cent) in the municipal elections.  1,701,942 out of 3,245,348 people voted in Ireland, whose MEPs have dropped from 12 to 11 because of the entry of Croatia into the EU.

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