Old and new suburbs are reinventing themselves between Ireland, Spain and Latin America

What is it that is shared by the town walls of Montevideo, where football team Peñarol’s supporters turn an anonymous pass highway in a colorful statement of pride for an imagined nation within the official one, with a poor suburb of Panama turned into a tourist attraction by the meticulous stubbornness of people armed with brushes and paint, what is shared by temporary gardens in forgotten areas of Dublin city center with civic activism in disadvantaged regions of Spain, where the signs of the 2008 -2010 economic crisis have left spaces once uninterruptedly claimed by private companies’ activities?

Photo Aldo Ciummo

The film festival “Ciudad Furor”, organized by the Latin America Solidarity Centre (Ireland) and byCinemaAttic Productions” and supported by the Spanish Ministry for Education, Culture and Sport, has reconnected the imaginary city where all of these neighborhoods come together.

An imaginative effort has made viable, in many cities of the world, a reclaiming of urban areas, in order to pave the way for enjoyment of culture or just for a chance to look with pleasure to the town spaces. These suburbs have been taken back from the global market and from the oblivion in which the residents were confined by real barriers or by social boundaries, invisible but almost touchable.

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