The new issue of EAST Global Geopolitics will be on sale at newsagents on March 1st. 

Prisoners of fate, is how our editor-in-chief James Hansen views the geopolitical issues included in the latest edition of our magazine. 

An insular fate partly explains the British paradox out of Europe, lost to the world, which feels very much like the historic European caginess towards Turkey, whose citizens still require a visa to travel within the EU. 

Germany is still tormented by the collapse of the Mark during the Weimar Republic, which dates back 90 years now. 

France can’t seem to give up its African empire just as Iran hasn’t yet put the Persian empire behind it. 

Looking to the future. 

The recovery is on its way, but it’s not under our belts yet warns Sir Suma Chakrabarti(European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) in his interview with East.

Turkey is now giving voice to the Kurds by legalizing three dangerous little letters of the alphabet – q, w and x – while furious battles between dolphins and killer drones could be in the offing. 

Indians are about to land on Mars while their neighbours Pakistan are making a killing with their Stock Exchange

But the most futuristic of all are the Japanese: on the one hand its thinking of warming its inhabitants using fire ice off the bottom of the sea, while its population is experiencing thedangerous abstinence of life without sex. 

So if the Japanese are no longer copulating.. could the blame lie with PowerPoint? (which has plenty to be ashamed of)…

While Lord Chesterfield reminds us that there’s little decorum (and little of anything) in outright laughter.

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