What if the virus mutates?

The new issue of East will be at newsstands, bookshops and ready for download from the 1st of January. 

Ebola comes from afar, an eye witness account from Africa by Médecins Sans FrontièresVaccines and therapies are currently being developed. The social and economic impact of the virus on West Africa.

Europe: Ireland after the crisis, Greenland’s black gold, bad luck hasn’t spared Britain’s Royal Family. The German army is on the retreat while military services are on sale in the Balkans, but the war on Isis is a cultural one. Ukraine is moving decidedly west, while France is just treading water. Italy launches a worldwide campaign against violence on women and in the meantime we await the advent of a truly European lawyer. 

Chronicles: the adventurous origin and experimentation of vaccines, the King of Spain and Doctor Balmis. The White House, a golden cage for its restless leaders.

World: a map of the army’s fighting over forlorn Libya. While Oman displays the tolerant face of Islam, Tehran won’t change its nuclear strategy. 

Alibabaconquers the world’s computers but is also the gateway to the Chinese market. The Dalai Lama is ahead of the game, he says he won’t be reincarnated in China. 

A look atthe kill tally for CIA dronesandthe Indonesian resurrection in the wake of the tsunami ten years ago. Have you ever played Kabaddi and Sepaktakraw? Net neutrality is pie in the sky, as is the innate goodness of man, or so say the scientists.

In the Dossier: crimes and criminals of various kinds, natural and juridical persons, authorities, institutions and sovereign entities. Everyone has their punishment and their atonement. 

By the way, have you stolen anything in a shop recently…?

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