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Merkel at last!
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We can make it” claims Angela Merkel, raising the curtain on a new chapter in German hospitality which immediately goes ‘viral’: and she’s voted personality of the year in  a poll amongEast readers shortly after the momentous statement.

The central figures of this historical turning point are the Syrian refugees whose  resilience and vitality can provide Europe with an opportunity to build a shared political self-awareness.


The economic and cultural geography of the Mediterranean will be the focus of the MEDMediterranean Dialogues Conference in Rome in December. On the eastern cost of the Mediterranean, in Antalya, Turkey will be hosting the G20 conference as rotating president for the very first time.

Climate and energy are major issues of debate at the Paris COP21 meeting in December.

While the Vatican celebrates another Extraordinary Jubilee in Rome and the Pagans are stirring and getting organised in Ukraine, Italians turn out to be more European than their institutions in a poll on gender equality.


Now in its second year,the Caliphate seems to have developed international ‘complexes’: a yearning for recognition and political ambitions.

The agreement on a new national unity government was reached by the warring factions inLibya, only to be disavowed shortly afterwards, in a climate in which peace seems a long way off.

It’s a free for all in Afghanistan: the Taliban are fighting IS while the police clash with the military as all do their worst amid the general mayhem.

In the meantime Brazil is knee deep in corruption and Argentina turns to Peronism once more. Will it manage to move on this time?


An analysis of the complex heritage that Barack Obama, the United States’ 44th President will leave behind, after two terms marked by his charismatic, innovative yet elastic leadership.

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