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Eastwest 66
A new Dark Age
Italian Issue



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From the 1st of July the new issue of Eastwest will be available from newsstands, bookshops and in digital format


Eastwest’s annual Forum will be focusing on Europe of the future, the only way of conceiving a European future which is otherwise fated to become a plethora of ghettoes, backyards and lost opportunities.

To quote the positive vision held by the British parliamentarian Jo Cox: a Europe bursting with the energy of all those who view it as a driving force for life and development rather than a dying fortress that can’t be defended.

Retrenchment is rife, but we hope the more enlightened can ward it off, and these forces will be celebrated during the East Forum in Rome on July 14 next.


Javier Solanais featured in an interview on the new cycle that might relaunch the European Union towards a second modernity, in this third millennium.

National democracies can’t cope and tend to fuel political instability, in the East and West alike.

No national leader can fill the power void that risks jeopardizing peace and the economic development in Europe and its neighbouring countries.

Doors are closing and walls are being built particularly in the minds of those who can’t make sense of the winds of change and instead try to step out of history and evolution.


Even in the Middle East the borders imposed by the “victors” a hundred years ago are now coming undone at the seams.

There’s no historic solution within these boundaries. Even the cast iron balance of power guaranteed by oil is no longer reliable.

The dualism between wealth and poverty holds sway. In the island of Hispaniola, in the Korean peninsula, even in Africa, where all the great world powers face off: Japan and China, Iran and Saudi Arabia.


The world is perhaps yearning for a new ‘American dream’ but the outcome of the recent primaries would seem to postpone any chance of one, at least until the third decade of the Millennium.

Keep trying, America. 

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