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Cover story
The anxiety and impotence of citizens faced with the incapacity and ineffectiveness displayed by its political ruling class in handing the new global challenges.
These result in political slogans and the successful rise of personalities that have little to do with the political establishment.
A collective psychosis that hasn’t spared any western nations.
An incensed majority provides a political platform for shrill fringe candidates whose management capacity is yet to be established, a process that could be dangerous in itself.
An antidote anyone? Beijing is sponsoring the “Chinese cohabitation model”.
Exclusive interview with the green candidate to the Austrian presidency, Alexander Van der Bellen, who for the second time in six months is attempting to defeat Norbert Hofer, whose main political ambition is Öxit (meaning Austria’s departure from the EU).
2017: European space odyssey. Elections in Holland, France and Germany could deliver the management of Europe into the hands of inconsiderate nationalist impulses. A risky and hopefully fanciful scenario, but ‘unionist’ Europe needs to find a new voice and energy to put these risks to bed.
Moderate Islam has recently held elections in Morocco, where the king for the moment is smartly keeping out of the limelight.
The Iranian ayatollahs are hoping to improve their business options in the post-sanction era.
Bangladesh is weak and Pakistan is still hostage to various forms of terrorism.
Colombia stumbles just a few yards short of peace, and Canada a few yards from reaching a game-changing economic agreement with the European Union.
Will the 45th United States President be decisive for both?
The Scent of Money and the Money Games played by the world’s major investment funds, the true global power that has no nostalgia for independent national currencies, and in fact can hardly remember them.

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