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Eastwest 64
English Issue




The new Eastwest. From March 1st at newsagents, bookshops and online in digital format.


After almost 40 years of international isolation, Iran and its Ayatollahs are back in business and can play an important role on the global diplomatic scene as a potential strategic partner for the West in the management of the Middle Eastern crisis. The ‘rehabilitation’ of the Shi’ite regime could have serious repercussions on the regional balance of power. The Islamic enclaves areanalysed from various points of view.

The European Union must recalibrate its compass to negotiate the storms brewing on the horizon. Will Nato still be called upon to protect the Union’s borders? An answer is needed, now….


A leading figure in Italy and Europe, Emma Bonino gives an exclusive interview to Eastwest with original and in-depth assessments of the European Union, its leaders and its borders. A close look at the financial and production systems of the German juggernaut, sturdy but by no means perfect. Spain suddenly has to come to terms with the multi-party politics fostered by the generation born under democracy.


The monstrous US primary machine is now moving through the gears.Hillary and Donald seem fated to clash head on, though surprises can’t be ruled out.

Ankara and Tehran face off in the Middle East while the young Saudi Prince stands his ground and African States must come to terms with their frailty.


The Sultan’s new frontier and the complex geopolitical framework of a former empire that now seems to be at the centre of all the crises and all their possible solutions. Perhaps too much of a burden for Recep Tayyip Erdogan, now weathering many a storm, who seems intent on returning to the Kemalist “first love”, the Kurdish obsession. 

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