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Eastwest 91 – The Good and … the Bad


THE GOOD AND … THE BAD – In our year-end poll, our readers elected George Floyd – whose violent death at the hands of the US police triggered the Black Lives Matter movement – as the most significant figure of 2020, and Donald Trump as the worst of the year. Parallel to the poll were the elections for the new American President.

US ELECTIONS SPECIAL – Exclusive interview with American political analyst Andrew Spannaus on post-global America: the dilemmas and strategies of President-Elect Biden, who has the task of pacifying the cold civil war currently underway in the United States.

THE MONOPOLY OF DIGITAL GIANTS – State-owned companies with a turnover exceeding the GDP of many countries, that have an unprecedented amount of power seen in modern history, that escape the control of legislators, but also of their own corporate leadership. The global pandemic has skyrocketed their businesses.

MIDDLE EAST – Democracy in Lebanon explodes and citizens lose their faith and hope in the future. Immobility in Iraq: political efforts fail to reduce the problems of a country that finds itself between the rock and the hard place that are Iran and the US.


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