Sweden and Norway: the Northern route of refugees

On November 12th Sweden has established some temporary controls at the Öresund Bridge, which connects Malmö and the country to neighboring Denmark. The arrival of two hundred thousand migrants is expected in the current year in Sweden, whose population does not reach ten million (on November 12th sixteen hundred people have applied for asylum). The northern European country - if you look to the size of its population - is home to the highest number of refugees in the continent.

The Swedish Premier Stefan Löfven (Social Democrats) has stressed the need to keep the flows within proportions that are sustainable for the Nordic country, that, taking account of its small population, double the efforts of Germany in the reception of refugees. Recently, the difficulties related to integration have been exploited by the right-wing populist party (the Sverigedemokraterna) but the majority of Swedes cares about the human right issue involved in the refugee crisis: groups like ‘I gor vad We kan ‘(‘we do what we can ‘) were founded to support those who arrive in Sweden from conflict areas.

Citizens have been involved in relief initiatives with the coordination of organizations such as the Swedish Agency for Migration (‘Migrationsverket’) and many businesses allocate some of the proceeds to support refugees. Despite the shortage of flats, now a feature of many urban areas, cities have set up plans for improving the effectiveness of efforts to assist refugees. Hundreds of people organize language courses and the Swedish Red Cross is represented by activists in dozens of places where refugees are housed.

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