East Forum 2014

East Forum 2014: Promoting Talent and Entrepreneurship in Europe: a Way for Growth

Labour is a key topic whenever we address the issue of growth in the European Union. The growing trend of employment in Europe in the 2000-2008 timeframe is opposed to a striking decrease that continues today. Before the discouraging employment figures in the EU Member States, understanding how the European and global labour market is changing becomes a priority with a view to developing appropriate policies and responding to the immediate and future challenges to the economy. READ MORE 


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Topics: How the Crisis Changed Labour Labour that changes Europe

During the three working sessions of the East Forum 2014, national and international authorities, experts, and professionals will discuss and explore the topics on the agenda in an effort to gain insight into the role of the European Union and the market’ stakeholders, the economic recovery, and the creation of a new model for growth. READ MORE

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How the Forum emerged: The East Forum (formerly the Venice Forum) emerged from the need to create an international venue to explore issues and topics of discussion for European policy and from the need to strengthen the role of UniCredit as an actor in the international debate. READ MORE


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