JAPAN - points of sale

japan – points of sale

{loadposition copertina-vendita-eng} {loadposition vendita-left} JAPAN – 6 POINTS OF SALE For further information or assistance in locating East, including to request the distribution of East in a location near you, please email, or contact our distributor directly at: KINOKUNIYA CO. LTD. BOOK IMPT DEPT.-3-7-10 SHIMO-MEGURO, 153-8504 MEGURO -KU, TOKYO Tel. + 81 3-6910-05301 Fax + 81 3-6910-05301 OSAKA BOOKSHOP KINOKUNIYA GRAND FRONT OSAKA STOREGRAND FRONT OSAKA SOUTH 6F4-20 OFUKACHO KITA-KU OSAKA KINOKUNIYA SHINJUKU MAIN STORE3-17-7 SHINJUKU SHINJUKU-KU KINOKUNIYA UMEDA MAIN STOREHANKYU 3-BANGAI1-1-3 SHIBATA KITA-KU OSAKA   TOKYO BOOKSHOP MARUZEN MARUNOUCHI MAIN STORE1-6-4 MARUNOUCHI CHIYODA-KU KINOKUNIYA SHINJUKU SOUTH STORE5-24-2 SENDAGAYA SHIBUYA-KU KINOKUNIYA SHINJUKU MAIN STORE163-8636 TOKYO  


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