East 51 will be on sale at newsagents from January 2nd with a new price – €8 -a new format and a new editor in chief, James Hansen, who aims to provide improved quality and an exclusive, original and surprising take on global geopolitics. 
East 51 introduces the new “Diplomacy” section which looks at the many changes overwhelming the Foreign Ministries and official diplomacies now having to compete with the “new diplomats” in NGOs, the major banks and the multinational corporations – with their less academic and more cutting edge methods….
In this issue Bill Emmott explains why the Economic Crisis is non sei just a question of money. And then, the European Union has Communications problems, while the Mafia has developed a fool proof way of getting its message across.
In the meantime, New Pirates are ploughing the waves in contexts where Good and Evil are blurred and the crime of ship stealing is hard to punish. Surprising issues like the citizenship of animal, the ownership of resources in space and Catalonian independence are dismaying official Diplomacies. 
A special Dossier takes a look at the High Seas. Three quarters of the world’s surface is covered by water and Waterways speed up exchanges and communications, fostering development and transformation. 
Singapore, Montevideo, Cairo and Damascus have plenty of room in this issue. A Pakistani Doctor Strangelove has been spotted in London, triggering alarm about the spread of atomic weapons, a new generation of Moslem comics is learning a how to have a laugh with Allah and American researchers have developed algorithms for Imperial Mathematics that appear to successfully predict the rise and fall of empires.

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