The new issue of East is at newsagents, bookshops and available in digital format from March 1st. 


The Charlie Effect explains why the clash between Islam and the West is all wrong.

Isis is making money and the Oracular Web has no doubts on the crucial issues of 2015.


While Samantha and Rosetta explore the universe, East-Westexplains why closing the borders won’t stem infiltration by Foreign Fighters.

The Ukrainian crisis divides East and West but unite the ultra soccer fans in the stands and revives Pan-Slavism.

A hesitant and half-cooked European Union only serves the interests of the elites. A thorough legal integration could however make the difference.

Elections in Estonia and Northern Cyprus. Few real contenders in Turkey likely to take Erdoğan’s place.

Aladin, Nanxi and Federico, three stories that embody pluck, talent and success. 


New war scenarios. The Pharoah vs the Caliph in Sinai and a Free for All in Libya. Even Israel must choose, while the USA are distracted by the Chinese Imperial dream.

A Nigerian banker-philanthropist launches AfricapitalismCuba prepares to play its part in world markets while Abenomics in Japan is having a second go. 


The USA and the EU have long been betrothed, might they step up to the altar? The unpredictable outcome of  the on-going Transatlantic partnership negotiations. To be or non sei to be……

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