The runaway train called Greece: about to derail or still on track?

This modern Greek tragedy seen from a Greek and a European perspective. The possible repercussions of a Greek exodos are considered, alongside the reasons why the Country has got so out of control: the Greek ruling class and the major Greek tax evaders.


For how long will the continent that has been the cradle of modern civilisation keep thinking that it is under siege

Will Europe manage to retain its civil outlook when faced with overwhelming immigration?While the “Dublin Wall” totters, various local ‘squires’ dream of building their own very exclusive provincial enclaves.

Perhaps the much vauntedharmonized European tax system will cement the prophetic choice behind the Schengen accord and provide centripetal energy that might quell the centrifugal leanings of the British and Hungarians… which the Russians view with glee…


There’slittle signs of peace in the Middle East and Africa, from Israel to Mali, including Morocco, one of the gateways for humanity fleeing warzones.

The Asian tensions are exclusively diplomatic and financial (for the time being) and China is fully aware that the true warrior does his best to keep out of a fight.

Martians may non sei have landed yet, but there’s no doubt that the world is caught up in a web, a no-holds-barred conversation with the enterprising Stephen Brobst highlights the advantages and dangers of this21st century Renaissance; an entirely digital phenomenon.

Are politics intrinsically no global, wonders the quick-witted Erik Nielsen? Perhaps that’s why it can’t find a handle on contemporary economics, which is interconnected and global.


Iran wonders; a leap in time and we go back over the fascinating transition between traditional models and so called modern ones (of last century, mind).

The ayatollahs are still wondering if this leap into the unknown is worth their while … (knowing they’d be swept away in the process?). In the meantime,Iranian artists have already got the bit between their teeth and their contemporary art is making worldwide waves in 21st century auctions.

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