Sultan Erdogan’s time is slipping away

The defeat of the Presidential party in Istanbul where Erdogan used to be mayor may indeed mark the beginning of his slow decline

The old and the new in the CHP

From the ‘defensive nationalism’ of the Nineties to the recent victories in Istanbul and Ankara: the strategies of a party that is trying to win over the AKP’s electorate

Desperately seeking a reliable left

In Germany traditional parties are crumbling, the Greens and the Right advance: the left-leaning electorate is bewilderd and has no valid political recipes

Alpha Condé, the eternal president

The interview with Alpha Condé in sight of 2020 elections. Professor at the Sorbonne, the first elected president in Guinea after decades of dictatorship, he defeated ebola and boosted the country’s economy

Dark clouds forming east of Berlin

Germany has sponsored the development of Eastern Europe, but now, with its growing economies and nationalisms, the East is looking to the West but not to the European Union

VAT and the “white knight”

The real economy is flagging, even though interest rate savings have been extended: to block the VAT increase a rabbit needs to pulled out of a hat somehow…

A drawn out status quo

There’s an urgent need for radical structural reform to add new zest to a country that is certainly not devoid of capacity, intelligence and competence

The League’s skew whiff leadership

The complex interactions between the European Union and the Italian League. An analysis of the anti- European narrative promoted by Matteo Salvini

Preparing the succession

More than half of germans are still in favour of the Chancellor, but many believe her long farewell is stifling Berlin’s politics

Angela, the end

The Chancellor’s reluctant leadership in Europe has us hopinge that once she leaves the stage we may receive an unexpected yet essential boost to the european integration process


A Global Space for A Global Challenge: A Tale of Two Worlds

Taiwan 2024 Presidential Elections

The Climate Change Refugees of the Pacific

Slovakia: 2023 Prime Minister’s Elections

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