Turkey-Qatar: the reasons behind an alliance

Turkey-Qatar on one side, Saudi Arabia and UAE on the other, competition between them tilts power within Sunni Islam and the Middle East. The third player, the West, has little to say

The “deal” of the century

The US, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Qatar and Israel will meet in June in Bahrain for Jared Kushner’s economic plan to redraw the balance of power in the Gulf

Washington-Riyadh: a dangerous friendship

While Obama opened up towards Iran, Trump has boosted the alliance with Riyadh. Let’s see why

BOOKS – Wahhabism and Political Islam

What is the theological basis of Islam? How does the Wahhabi doctrine differ from Sunni Islam?

The Middle Eastern board game

The Sunni/Shiite clash has led to a new feud among Sunnis: Wahhabism (petro-states) and the Muslim Brotherhood face off on both politics and economics

The Saudi’s incoregible behaviour

Abd al-Wahhab’s teachings are a double edged sword for the Saud regime in the 20th century, which no longer controls the fundamentalists who believe in them

Constructive consent

Macron’s European Renaissance has found a partner: the Ecolòs, who add a more far-sighted approach to En Marche’s muscular pro-Europeanism

Turkmenistan, rich and inaccessible

Isolated and authoritarian, it is the fourth largest gas reserve in the world. But financial difficulties do not allow bringing that gas to the market

Confucius meets John Wayne

China won’t impose models on the West: far from it. By opening up yet sticking to its own ways and traditions, it is aiming to transform itself

Khorgos, a pearl in the desert

A natural cross-roads between Russia, China and Eastern Europe has now been transformed into a huge land trading hub, with no tariffs or VAT


A Global Space for A Global Challenge: A Tale of Two Worlds

Taiwan 2024 Presidential Elections

The Climate Change Refugees of the Pacific

Slovakia: 2023 Prime Minister’s Elections

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